20-9-2018 - Skygear server & CMS v1.6.2-2 updates (Cloud)


Skygear server

Bug Fixes

  • Inject the missing database for change password handler
  • Fix cloud asset filename encoding
  • Fix make vendor error on case insensitive file system
  • Support byte-range when serving asset file (SkygearIO/skygear-server#616)

Skygear CMS

New feature

  • SkyCMS now supports field validation for the edit and new view. Please note that validation for embedded reference is yet to be supported. Doc to be available later.

Bug fix

  • Fixed the many-to-many export bug
  • Fixed cannot select filter predicate in a dropdown
  • Fixed page does not reset when filter changes
  • Asset is now set to be null when the asset value in the import CSV is empty
  • Fixed new push campaign button not working


  • You can now set a limit to the imported CSV size to avoid timeout.