About the Skygear offcial quick start


================code from official webpage not work====================
var skygear = require(‘skygear’);

‘endPoint’: ‘https://.skygeario.com/’, // trailing slash is required
‘apiKey’: ‘’,
}).then(function() {
// Every record in Skygear must be owned by a user
// For testing purpose, we have used signupAnonmously to create a record
// Visit the user authetication documentation to learn more
// https://docs.skygear.io/guides/auth/basics/js/
return skygear.signupAnonymously()
}).then(function() {
// Create Record Type “test” and put “Hello world” as value of key “content”
// Advanced: Skygear Server will create a table “test” and appropriate
// columns in PostgreSQL in Development mode.
var Test = skygear.Record.extend(‘test’);
return skygear.publicDB.save(new Test({
‘content’: ‘Hello World’
}).then(function(record) {
console.log(‘Record saved’);
}).catch(function(err) {
console.error('Error: ’ + err.message);

================code from official webpage not work====================

This code given in the webpage do not work, it said the signupAnonymously() is not a function ?


@ben It should be return skygear.auth.signupAnonymously(); The code you shown above is for pre 1.0 version, may I know the URL of where you found the code sample?



I found that here, in the middle of the page.


icic. The URL is for the v0.x version of doc (as you can see from the subdomain docs-v0), reference to the new docs for versions after v1