Communicate with Skygear server via Rest API


Hello Skygear-Team,

my team tries to build a Web Application based on Laravel (PHP) and VueJS. The Laravel backend is needed for combining the logic with an other API. We do not want to have any logic in the frontend as a clean MVC architecture is very important to us.

So my question: Is it possible to let our Laravel backend talk to the Skygear server over any API (preferable REST)?

Thanks in advance!


Hello @n_neuh07. We do have REST API however it is not well documented at this moment. May I know what your use case is? I will see if I can gather some relevant information for you.


Hello @tentang,
thanks for your reply.

Our use case is the following. We use Laravel as our backend and VueJS as our single page frontend. In Laravel we want to connect an other external API with Skygear. So we looking for something we can communicate in PHP (as Laravel is in PHP) with Skygear.

Kind regards


Unfortunately we do not have a PHP SDK at this moment. So most likely you will need to connect Skygear & your Laravel backend with REST APIs. May I know what Skygear functions do you want to use? May I can send you a few REST APIs examples to start with.



We are only interested in most of the chat functions at the moment.
Thanks in advance!


I see! I think we need sometime to list out the REST API. Let me get back to you early next week.


Hello @n_neuh07

Unfortunately our team thinks at this moment we are not ready to expose a REST api interface. So currently there’s no way you can call our APIs from a PHP server. Sorry about that!