Integrating SkyChat with mobile numbers


Question from a user -

I want to integrate SkyChat with my existing app, however, my app requires only mobile number to login, where Skygear requires username/email password for authentication.

If I am to use mobile numbers as usernames, any advice on the following case:

If a user sells his mobile number to someone else, and the new owner uses that number to create a new account. Should the username in my system be 85299999-0, so that when the new owner create a new account, his username will be 85299999-1?


It is doable.

However, I think it is more common if we just use the phone number as the username, and in the rare case where a user really got the phone no of an old user and need a new account, you can rename the old account’s username to sth like 85299999-0 as an admin in future


wow thanks Ten for helping on this.

Actually I’m considering to use anonymous account for this case since the user can setup their username later also (like LINE/Telegram)

For anonymous user, is it possible to use the function skygear.auth.changePassword(currentPassword, newPassword) with a null currentPassword so that they can “add” a password afterwards?

And also is there anyway to know that if the currentUser has a password not?



@vkedwardli Currently you can’t “add” a password afterwards.

However, it sounds like a very valid case, so I have created an issue here to support your use case and if you have a deadline to catch let me know and I can see how to arrange it with our developers.