Problem with Skygear Chat library on Android application


Hello, I’m developing an Android application and I want to use Skygear Chat library in it. But when I try to make a login or signupAnonymously I get this error message “ Unable to resolve host “******”: No address associated with hostname”

I do this in my application class

public void onCreate() {

Configuration config = new Configuration.Builder()



and use this to login

skygear.getAuth().loginWithEmail("", “Test123!”, new AuthResponseHandler() {
public void onAuthSuccess(Record user) {
String accessToken = skygear.getAuth().getCurrentAccessToken();
Log.i(“Skygear Login”, "onAuthSuccess: Got token: " + accessToken);

  public void onAuthFail(Error error) {
    if (error.getCode() == Error.Code.INVALID_CREDENTIALS) {
      Log.e("Skygear Login", "Password incorrect");
    } else if (error.getCode() == Error.Code.RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND) {
      Log.e("Skygear Login", "No such email");
    } else {
      Log.e("Skygear Login", "onAuthFail: Fail with reason: " + error.getCode());


Hi I think you need to replace the SKYGEAR_END_POINT and SKYGEAR_API_KEY with the hostname and api key you got from your app at or deployment.