Push Notifications On Local


I deploy sky server on local using docker and i want to enable push notifications on it.

my questions is :
where is the APNS_TOKEN_KEY_PATH (Path on application contianer or where )??

i added it to : “APNS_TOKEN_KEY_PATH : /app/AuthKey_22BTC9Y68P.p8”
and i have this error when try to send notification from iOS :
Error Domain=SKYOperationErrorDomain Code=10003 “An unexpected error has occurred.” UserInfo={NSErrorFailingURLKey=, SKYErrorMessage=Unable to send push notification because APNS is not configured or there was a problem configuring the APNS.
, SKYErrorName=UnexpectedError, SKYOperationErrorHTTPStatusCodeKey=500, NSLocalizedDescription=An unexpected error has occurred.}



when APNS_TOKEN_KEY is specified, APNS_TOKEN_KEY_PATH will be ignored. We suggest you either using APNS_TOKEN_KEY or APNS_TOKEN_KEY_PATH. If you are using APNS_TOKEN_KEY_PATH, please make sure the file is put inside the docker container.