Send push notification on Skygear


i just copy and paste the same code


@arsene I think maybe it is easier for you to try the sample project to make sure your GCM configuration is correct first.

And for your own code, make sure you understand the code and put it in the right place in your app. Beware you need to get the device token correctly (you can’t use the one signal SDK device token).


i’m using push plugin, and i’m able to get device token


Great, any other information which you think might let us help you?


nothing else, even if I click on send the push nothing happens this


posible to make it run with skygear-Chat?


HI @arsene,

Please go to{your_project_id}/settings/cloudmessaging/ and Copy and paste the Server key into the FCM API KEy at

It is Server Key, not Sender ID.



possible to put this up with the chat?


Yes, you can use push notification with chat. We will polish it soon. (you may follow the issue here:

For now, you can use the basic notification


Thanks, i’m waiting for the issues.