Skygear update: The new CMS is finally here!


Hello Skygear-ers,

We are very excited to announce the release of the new CMS!

Whether you are a developer working on a client project or your own side project, chances are you or your clients need an intuitive admin interface to manage the users and the content of your app. Skygear CMS allows you to add an admin interface to your Skygear app with just a few lines of configurations. Save time building your own!


Skygear CMS provides functions most admin interface needs, from resetting password for users, to importing and exporting bulk records. Below are the key functions Skygear provides, and more coming soon!

User management

  • Reset password for user
  • Disable users
  • Verify users

Content management

  • List, create and update records
  • Configure what fields to display (for example, you can hide the _id field)
  • Import and export records via CSV
  • File uploads


  • Logo customization
  • Theme color customization

Quick start

Follow the steps below to get a CMS for your Skygear app.

  1. Make sure the version of your Skygear app is v1.6.1+. If not, upgrade your app to the latest version in the Setting tab.
  2. Enable the CMS plug-in. If the CMS plug-in is already on before you upgrade the app, disable the plug-in and re-enable it. If enabled successfully, you will see a YAML editor.
  3. Create an admin user on the right hand corner to login to the CMS.

Besides, a configuration template will be generated for you once you enable the CMS plug-in. If unfortunately you see a blank YAML editor after enabling the CMS plug-in, refresh the page to get the template.

Sample configuration

Skygear CMS configuration is straightforward and simple: it is done with a YMAL file.

While you can read the guide to learn about how to configure the CMS, below is an example to give you an idea of how it works.

Suppose we have a blog built with Skygear, and we need an admin interface to manage the users in the app and display all the records.

  - type: user_management
    label: User
  - type: record
    name: blogposts
    label: Posts

    record_type: blogposts
      fields: &blogposts_fields
        - name: _id
        - name: cover
          type: image
        - name: title
          type: string
        - name: content
          type: wysiwyg
        - name: _created_at
      fields: *blogposts_fields
      fields: *blogposts_fields
      fields: *blogposts_fields

Reach us on the Skygear forum or the Slack community if you have any questions about the new CMS!


Since today morning I can’t use my Skygear application. yesterday I have updated it. I can’t understand where is the problem.


Hello @pablo987. What’s your app endpoint? Let me have a look for you.

Skygear Team