Skygear v0.24.0 released


Version 0.24.0 of Skygear is released in May 2017. There are various update for the Server and SDKs. You can find more information in each section below.


  • Support for cancellable query (#277)
  • Make plugin transport ZMQ multiplex (#295) This feature will enable the bidirectional plugin transport and multiplexing. The protocol will introduce address-stack and bounce-count, so the bidirectional communication stack will be limited to the bounce-count-limit. It solved the problem of workers exhaust problem when plugin call back skygear-server.

Other Notes

  • Update releasing guide for npm + lerna
  • Fix schema:default_access inline doc

You can download the Runnable binaries for Skygear Server here. Have fun with the new release and let us know if you have any feedback or questions in our GitHub Issue.