Skygear v1.1: Deploy Cloud Functions easier with skycli (beta)!


We have exciting updates for our Skygear Cloud Functions developers! We’ve launched skycli, a new command line tool to deploy Cloud Functions quickly.

In the past, users had to figure out how git works before they can git push cloud functions to Skygear. Now, developers can deploy their cloud functions with just 1 command: skycli deploy. No prior Git knowledge required!

This is all it takes to deploy your cloud functions with skycli:

Step 1: npm install -g skycli to install skycli in your project
Step 2: skycli login to log in to your Skygear account
Step 3: skycli init to configure the project to a Skygear app (app name)
Step 4: skycli deploy to push code to servers


We also made it easier for developers to quick start by providing cloud function templates. In step 3, when you run skycli init, developers will be asked questions such as whether you are building a JS or Python cloud function. Skygear then creates the relevant files in the project directory.

At this time, the skycli can only be used to deploy cloud functions. In the future, we want Skycli to support additional features that developers would want in the web portal, such as changing env vars, looking at logs, etc.

For more information, check the Github skycli repo README or the developer portal.

Try it now and tell us what you think :metal:t3:

Happy Halloween :jack_o_lantern: