Skygear v1.1: Revamped DB browser for simpler records update


Happy Friday!

Over the past few weeks we’ve revamped the DB browser to offer you a simpler way to manage the records in the database from the Web Developer Portal. You can now create, update and bulk delete records with the new interface. While you can still access the Skygear database with a PostgreSQL client directly, many users expressed a simple web interface would save a lot of time!

To open the DB browser of your app, go to Developer portal > Database > Data browser.

These are features we wish to support in the future:

  • Create and delete indexes
  • Create and delete the columns of a table (currently the Skygear DB handles all the schema changes automatically, so users can use Skygear PostgreSQL as a document DB)
  • Create and delete foreign key constraints (which is again, currently handled by Skygear automatically when you create References between records)

Let us know what you think!