Welcome to Skygear Forum


Skygear Forum is for anyone who are interested in building apps with Skygear. We provide official support here for our community members, no matter you’re using our Cloud Services skygear.io or the open sources version.

Here you will find questions and answers by the development team and community members. We can also discuss anything related with Skygear in general such as the most wanted features, or best practices.

For technical support, here are some steps to make sure we can help you effectively:

Has this question been asked before?

Before you post a question, take some time and search the forum first. :slight_smile:

One question per post

Asking multiple question per post is okay if they’re related. But if you ask multiple question that are unrelated, it become quite difficult to follow up or figure out what the real issue is. Keep the post simple and on one topic.

Working Environment

There are a lot of possibilities as Skygear have SDK on iOS, Android, and Javascript, Cloud Functions also got Javascript and Python. And there are variety of devices / operating system. So it’s important to provide as much information as possible, such as the SDK and version you’re using, which platform you’re on, what’s the version of OS or Browser, and are you using skygear.io or independent deployment.