Where to start with cloud function with the skycli?


hello guys, thanks for all effort you are doing.
i want to make some function’s with my application with the new cli. i need some help please


Hi there, skycli is mainly used as a quick command to upload cloud functions to skygear.io. May I know what exactly you need to do or what you meant by “make some functions”?


I want to send a welcome sms to a new user after registration.


HI, we plan to make the sms welcome feature build in. For now, you can use user after save hook for this purpose.

You may reference forgot password implementation: https://github.com/SkygearIO/forgot_password/blob/master/forgot_password/handlers/welcome_email.py#L67


this option is already active in the dashboard, but users do not receive the email


Hi, may you provide more details / step-by-step to reproduce the problem? And which features you are referring to?


my worries is to send a welcome mail after registration but with skygear function. in javascript


Understood. Actually you don’t need to write Cloud Functions for it. You can simply set it up in developer portal, under User Auth > Welcome Emails.

Afterwards, any new user sign up via skygear.auth.signupByEmail will have an welcome email sent to them immediately


For email, you should able to update the content at portal. (https://portal-staging.skygear.io/app//users/welcome-email), without coding.

If you need something heavily customized and code in javascript, you may want to checkout the JS Database Hooks: https://docs.skygear.io/guides/cloud-function/database-hooks/js/